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1999 "tongue in cheek" awards   

1998 "tongue in cheek" awards

The Ballad of Philly Talk - One Talk Station - an original song recording by Steve Bryant

The Cornpone Challenge - October 1999


Living in a Dom G Paradise - Parody song about how great life would be if we all lived under rules set for by Dom Giordano - WPHT 7/02

Archived Feature Parodies

These are still on this website

The WWDB website parody from summer 1998 - Note this includes an embedded midi file that may prompt you to download, just cancel it. Includes the original spoof pages of Irv Homer, Kent Voss, Dom G, Susan Bray, Ron Dobson, John Brown and more.  Also added are the old South Park, the talk station, parodies.  (this was originally posted on a free server, xoom, and recovered when they shut down, internal links fixed in the summer of 2002)

Our Town - A look at how Philly rewards selected radio people with jobs for life.  Lyrics by Steve Bryant.  June 2002.

On the Way to AC - WPHT does a remote at the AC expressway service plaza - Parody song lyrics by Steve Bryant

Talk about nothin' (I want my "PHT) - lyrics parody May 2002

Smerconish's Dial - lyrics parody by Steve Bryant May 2002

John DeBella - December 1998

Parody of this site part one - October 1999

Parody of this site part two - January 2000

Rick and Art - The home repair guys - January 1999

WWDB for sale on ebay - April 1, 2000

Allen Iverson Parody - The parody song, Dom G's column and an Inky column on talk radio's reaction including my own input. 7/02