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Rollye James, local flavor with a nationally recognized name.  Rollye came to Philadelphia first on WWDB then later moved to WPHT 1210 AM where she broadcasts weeknights from 10 p.m. to 1 a.m.. 

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Rollye's Studio Rollye's Studio Rollye and Tom Leykis
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Dave Skalish, Rollye, Grace Blazer Rollye and Smerconish Rollye and Val Shively
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Me and Rollye James at my mess of a desk pulling up her web site on the Net. Larger picture (57K)

Original Spoof below is by Mark Saks

Rollye James Running for President

Rollye runs on R & B ticket:
Who/what is R & B?
Rollye has announced that she is running for president on the R&B ticket. The R is Rollye and the B is Blavat (Jerry Blavat), whom she says is in charge of running for vice. 

Rollye is critical of G.W.B., but says that you can read about him yourself on Bush's website at if you doubt her. Bush, she says, is fiscally liberally and socially conservative. In other words, he'll spend your money freely and tax the bejesus out of you, while abridging your rights every chance he gets. She points to the commentary "Gov. Bush Vetoes Justice" printed in the Washington Post.

When asked about here social philosophies, James said that she was a Darwinian Socialist. Asked to explain, she elaborated, "I would propose ending welfare by shooting the first person in line. Then the rest would go away and maybe do something with their lives."

"Whoever would overthrow the liberty of a nation must begin by subduing the freeness of speech." --Benjamin Franklin 

[This web page is purely a spoof and most of the comments made here were not actually said by anyone. The links are real, however, and no effort was made to protect anyone. Decide for yourself which of these truths are lies and which are not. If we have offended anyone, then we have been successful. As Mayor Daley of Chicago once said, "Vote early and vote often."]
Rollye's comments on other potential women candidates
When asked about other women running for office, Rollye offered insights not reported in the press. "Elizabeth Dole has much to offer," said Rollye, "as the only women candidate who looks good on TV wearing yellow." 

When asked about Hillary's tour of New York State, Rollye commented that of course she has to tour new York, since she has never seen any of it. Rollye, on the other hand, has completed the entire U.S. Interstate highway system. 

As for Hillary's listening tour, James said, "Of course she has to listen, so she'll know what to say. Let's hope she knows what city she's in, which is more than you can say for Gore." 

R & B Party Platform
 50's oldies piped into Rose Garden on 24/7basis
Black 'copters painted dayglo orange for safety.
All liberals must dress in 60's clothing for clear identification. 
 No Kennedy will be allowed to operate a car or plane, especially near bodies of water, unless driving/flying alone. 
 Gun training and toting to be mandatory for all citizens not convicted of a felony. 
 Diet coke will be the national beverage.