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Michael first took a stab at talk radio as a substitute host on WWDB around 1991 for Tom Marr.  He later took a Saturday morning show and stayed at DB for 6 years.  He moved right over to WPHT 1210 AM and stayed there for 4 years (January 1998 to November 2001) ... first 6-8 then in the 5-7 p.m. slot until his last day on 11/21/01.

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Daily News column below, link broken https://dailynews.philly.com/content/daily_news/2002/01/07/local/SMER07C.htm

3/31/02 - As reported on the main page previously (2/25/02) Michael will do commentaries on KYW 1060-AM.  This story confirms they will start on or around Friday April 5th.
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SATURDAY, November 24, 2001

Michael Smerconish Chooses Not To Renew With WPHT, Station Immediately Pulls Show From Air

For the first time in about ten years, Michael Smerconish is not a talk-radio host.

Currently known to be the host of Philly's highest-rated local talk show, the Center City lawyer, television commentator, and now Philadelphia Daily News columnist announced this week that he would be leaving WPHT Philadelphia (The Big Talker, 1210 AM) after four years with what is now the market's only general talk station. Sources say escalating disputes with Infinity management prompted the decision. Unconfirmed speculation has the main sticking point being the company's unwillingness to provide full legal representation in the event of a program-related lawsuit against the talent. Such unwillingness on Infinity's part is pretty much standard procedure at America's second-largest radio company, according to insiders.

Following public release of the news, management immediately yanked the 39-year-old Smerconish from the air. His contract was to expire at the end of the year. Dom Giordano held down the fort from 5-7 PM, Smerconish's now-former timeslot.

The station received its share of complaint calls from disgruntled listeners, angered that the popular host was unable to have a proper send-off.

WPHT general manager Sil Scaglione publicly blamed Smerconish's leaving on "irreconcilable differences". Sources say salary really wasn't much of a factor.

Philadelphia listeners were first introduced to Smerconish about ten years ago during a fill-in shift at the old WWDB. Over the years, his popularity grew. Eventually, while serving in the Bush Administration, Smerconish was given a Sunday-night weekend slot. Later, after a move to weekend mornings following the death of radio veteran Dominic Quinn, the attorney battled with 'DB management over infomercials (which were beginning to take over The Talk Station's programming). In early 1997, he jumped ship to the then-new WPHT as a weekender. Again, his popularity grew, leading then-PD Tom Bigby to offer him 6-8pm weeknights. Soon thereafter, the show was moved an hour earlier. Smerconish's daily fare of conservatism often attracted higher numbers than those of Rush Limbaugh.

Smerconish recently became a columnist for The Philadelphia Daily News, and also recently became a regular commentator for WCAU Philadelphia (NBC-10).

Publicly he isn't saying much, but Smerconish is rumoured to be talking with nostalgia WPEN Philadelphia (950 WPEN). If this turns out to be true, most agree The Station of The Stars won't be wooing Smerconish for the purposes of having him play Perry Como tunes.

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Daily News column (1-7-02)by Smerconish on his visit to Cuba
Daily News cover for January 7, 2002 with Michael Smerconish and Fidel Castro

Sunday June 4th, 2000 - Photo from the Daniel Faulkner Block Party of the end of the line of people waiting for a Geno's Steak.  On the enlarged photo you can see the Geno's sign left of center and the beginning of the line (obscured) is across the street and behind the tree on the left.  This was almost twice as long as when I saw it.

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Picture by Graham Hook

More from the Block Party
Top pic - Joey Vento, Smerconish, Maureen Faulkner
Bottom pic - B Streets Band started the day.

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5/13/00 - Pictures from Michael Smerconish's remote at Antioch College -- Kevin Franck, Michael & Maureen Faulkner in the first two pictures and Alison from Antioch, a junior, in the third picture.  Photos by Mike Berry, processed by PTRO, posted with permission.

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Watching a friend's name on hold (on the monitor at left) across from Michael Smerconish during his show.
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