Smerconish's Dial - a song parody

Smerconish's Dial (sung to the tune of Gilligan's Isle)
Parody lyrics by Steve Bryant - 
May 2002

<BGSOUND src="../audio/midi/gilligan.mid">

Opening Theme:

Just sit right back,
And you'll hear a tale
Of 1210 Radio.
Where a self-promoting talk show host,
Was told he had to go.

The host was a savvy lawyer-type,
He took his medicine.
Like Felix on the Odd Couple,
He knew he'd return again…
He'd return again.

The ratings started getting worse,
Nobody blamed the boss.
There was talk of going syndicated,
Or bringing back Kent Voss…
Bringing back Kent Voss.

1210 ran aground in the ratings book,
The lawyer had to smile. 
At the old has-been…
The right-winger…
The loud-mouthed fool,
And Jeff Katz.
Some other hosts, Sinatra and a money man,
Are all on Smerconish's Dial.

music ends, you can start it again if you wish.  The closing theme is paced a bit differently though.

Closing Theme:

So this is a tale of talk radio,
A history dark and dank.
Smerconish will make the best of things,
Laughing all the way to the bank.

No crap, no meetings,
No 2-minute rule.
He'll do just as he pleases.
And make Scaglione wipe his nose,
Every time he sneezes.

So join him every day at 3,
It might be worthwhile.
While advertisers pay through the nose,
To be on Smerconish's Dial.

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