This page was created on December , 1 1998 in an attempt to explain why and how John DeBella wound up doing talk radio.  All graphics and sound files are used with permission from DeBella World Industries and Premier Broadcasting (for Art Bell.)
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The John DeBella / Space Alien connection

**** Special Bulletin to all UFOlogists around the planet Earth ****

Evidence has been compiled concerning a shocking conspiracy involving the events listed below.

Text of special report by the RadioSpoof Team follows...

Location: Philadelphia, PA USA

Time Frame: Early 1980's to present

Type of Event (s): Alien abduction, Alien mind control, Human replaced by cyborg, Time travel, Martian monuments at Syndonia, SETI contact, New World Order Conspiracy.

Individuals involved: John DeBella, Art Bell, Tom Bigby.

To present the narrative of this shocking story we introduce Art Bell...

Greeting fellow earthlings, Art Bell here from the kingdom of Nye.  I became involved in exposing this conspiracy after irrefutable evidence was presented to me just before I went off the air a short time ago. After completing my investigation I can now state, with absolute certainty, that we now know the following to be true.

1 - The ruins on Mars at the Sydonia site are genuine.

2 - Earthlings under the direct control of beings from outer space are, at this very moment, in direct control of some of the most powerful radio frequencies in America.

3 - SETI reports numerous signals from outer space and have discovered the secret code phrases used by alien operatives here on Earth.


You are all aware of the newest photos taken of the Mars site at Sydonia.  Here is the latest scanned image magnified many times but not yet filtered for detail






We have painstakingly digitally enhanced the above picture and can now bring you proof that the Martians have been in contact with us for many years and in fact have direct mind control over a talk show host in Philadelphia!








The identity of the host in question is none other than John DeBella!  Yes, THAT John DeBella.  WPHT has unwittingly hired a man not only controlled by Martians but revered by them as a god.



To prove our shocking claim we have placed the enhanced image of the Sydonia site and John's picture next to each other.




Here is the startling result!




Coincidence? WE THINK NOT!!!



More proof...

SETI (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) has reported numerous signals from the direction of Mars.  The location of the target area has been determined to be in the Bala-Cynwyd area just outside Philadelphia.  It appears to occur roughly every weekday between 3 & 5 pm.  At the conclusion of a weeks worth of signals it has been found that a return signal with the SAME CODE WORDS are sent in return.  Text follows...

Secret Code Phrases, "Don't take any Crap from anyone", "FFuuuuuuuuuuuuuuGet about it"

And these were sent only once, "If You See Kay, Tell Her Jack's Off", "Nicky Hoi!"





Of course the government is doing it's best to cover this up but here is what we have been able to piece together using reliable information sources.  (We saw it posted on the Net!)

    In the early 1980's a local rock station hired John DeBella as morning drive jock.  On his way to the station the very first day he noticed several black helicopters overhead.  Thinking nothing of it he waked to the front door.  Just then a black Ford pulled alongside and two men dressed in black abducted John.   Taken to a secret location on South Street he was mind and anal probed and determined to be a perfect candidate for a secret mission.  He was sent by a time machine to the future, 1998.  His mission, to go on the air at WPHT 1210-AM as afternoon talk host.  Oddly enough across town at WYSP is his cyborg replacement doing mid-days.  When he pointed out that he knew nothing about doing talk radio he was told, "Perfect... nobody else there does either."

A Radiospoof Production

Philly Talk Radio Online

John DeBella's website

Bumpers from John's talk radio show...

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Thanks to Art Bell and Premier for the prompt reply and permission of use.