Philly Talk Radio Online - The Gossip Parody, part two

Originally posted January 2000

reminder, this page is a JOKE.

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Talk Radio Website Parody

Two years ago this month, I completely lost my mind.  Today, after two years of nothing BUT Talk Radio I am proud to say I STILL have not found it!  Quite the reverse, I have slipped so far into dementia that I am considering having a walkman permanently attached to my head so I won't miss a second of talk radio.  Oh, It's a spiffy unit.  Satellite dish, solar power, multichannel and InterNet hookup.


What's New

In this week's issue 

Radio Roundup, which is the best, how they work ... the "On" button explained. - Special Report

Why round tuning knobs are best and how to use them.  Special pullout section! - Part 3

Vacuum tubes, the hot new models! - by Art Chaic

Radio Preset buttons, Love 'em, hate 'em ... they are here to stay - by Frieda Change

Changing stations. 12 step program on how to overcome your fears - Inna Rutt

Getting up at the crack of noon, how to jump start your day - by Rollye James

We rate the infomercials, all the products and why YOU should be buying them NOW - by Gully Bell

Y2K - the danger STILL lurks - By Art Bell

Y3K - It's not too early to panic - by Gary North

Interview with Mayor Street, we Ax all the tough questions - by Dom Giordano

Forget Y2K, are you ready for Dom-a-geddon?  Dom Giordano returns to the air!  Stock up on the milk and bread NOW! - by Tom Bigby

Car radio speakers, why bigger is better ... who needs back seats anyway  - by Julio Rodriguez

Representative Lawless sues entire PA state assembly, and wins!

to see why Bill Clinton NEEDS a Dr. Corea Penis pump NOW - by Paula Corbin Jones

Pat Farnack gives up coffee, stuffs coworker into a dumpster as a result of mood swing - full text of police report.

Kent Voss gets brain cells removed in controversial new medical procedure.  Kent says, "Now I can think more like the station management.  American soccer now makes sense too!"


  • Just listen and shut up - Imus in the morning

  • My life is perfect, I am perfect, you are either a slut or a pig - Dr. Yentabitch

  • "Only two things are infinite, the universe and stupidity - and I'm  sure latter listens to talk radio." - Albert Einstein

  • "Never argue with an idiot - folks might not be able to tell the difference." - Anonymous

  • "I sometimes think that God, in creating man, somewhat over estimated His ability." - Oscar Wilde

Surf's Talk Radio Notes

WWDB runs "Open Auditions" - picks winner.

"This ought to work well with our new studio cams and Internet streaming." says Dennis Begley.  "We auditioned dozens of top people in the market and she brings the most talent to the microphone, so to speak."

Rod Carson will "handling" all her training.

WWDB acquired by Disney Radio

WWDB's "New" tentative schedule

9-12 Gil Gross & Mufasa
12-3 Irv Homer & Grumpy
3-5  Jay Sorensen and Hilarie Barsky will broadcast live from Disney World studios.  Special guest Michael Eisner, everyday.
5-7 Kent Voss teams up with Goofy
7-9Dr. Corea is replaced with Tinkerbell & Dr. Doolittle
9-1 Susan Bray with Tarzan
1-5 - Steve Martarano / Donald Duck.

Ed Begley is replaced by "The Coyote" as General Manager.

Dr. Laura and Rush... a done deal?

Rumors of Dr. Laura and Rush having an affair have been proven true!  The scandalous affair blossomed during a recent Talkers conference in New York.  The Bitch and the Bull both plan to divorce their respective spouses and announce a wedding to coincide with the republican convention in Philadelphia.  Sources close to Premier reveal the coming this summer the newlyweds plan to combine both shows into a 6 hour shift with both taking turns in 1 hour blocks.  Most affiliates using the new compression software "Cashbox" will be able to condense the show into, at most, 4 hours.

Perilous Komputer Karma ? Rich Levin eaten by computer?

Rich Levin, host of computer talk on WPTH 1210 was found dead at his desk today.  At first nothing seemed to be disturbed but upon closer examination several broken AOL "free account" cd's were found nearby and neighbors recalled seeing a van speed away from the scene bearing the license plate, TimeWrnr. 

USA GI JOE publishes new stripper handbook.

Section 1.A: Nude Dancers are hereby given notice that no patron in the club may place any part of their body on any folds of your epidermis. For you Blondes, that stands for skin.

Section 1.B: Nude Dancers are hereby given notice that no currency may be put into any folds of you body, whether it be Bills or Small Change. Nude Dancers are not Toll Booths therefore their baskets are not to be used for collection.

Section 1.C: As a Nude Dancer, if you are confronted with a Patron who refuses to follow the new regulations and attempts to place his hand, face, head, foot, or any part of his body on any part of your body you are hereby ordered to place a call to our Nude Dancing Regulation Hot Line. The number is 1-900-NO-TOUCH. Each call is $3.95 per minute and the Nude Dancer Caller must be 18 or older.

Section 2.A: All Nude Dance Clubs are hereby ordered to remove all of the Signs from the exterior of their buildings. A new sign must be erected and be no larger than "Snoop Doggie Dogs Ride", for you Homies outside the Hood, thatís a vehicle that about 18 Ĺ Feet Long by 4 Ĺ Feet High.. The new sign is to be in standard block letters. It is to read JENNY CRAIGG, with 2 gís. (to keep me and you from getting sued)

Section 2.B: Payment to Nude Dancers. Now donít think that you are going to get anything close to what the Queen of Tramps, Monica Blowclinsky, gets. The Queen of Tramps receives $10,000.00 per each pound lost. If you dance you little butt off, a State Funded Study from Templee, with 2 eís (to keep me and you from getting sued), that cost the tax payers $297,563.29, indicates that the average Nude Dancer loses .375 pounds per Hour. To break that down even further White Nude Dances lose .295 pounds per Hour verses Black Nude Dancers .425 pounds per Hour. Templee, with 2 eís, Studies also show Black Nude Dancers have more Bootie to shake than the rest of the test group. Spanish, Oriental, Philippino, Eskimo, Russian, Pit Bulls, and Transvestites on the average fall in between the two Groups. The State Approved Pay rate will be $7.50 Per Pound. After 5 years, the Tramp Rate will move up on the Tramp Rate Pay Scale with a $1.25 Pay Raise and .25 Cents per year after that. If the Dancer gains weight, she may owe the owner of the club money.

Section 3.A: Liquor is not be sold in Nude Dancer Clubs. If liquor is to be brought into a club it is to be purchased from a State Run Liquor Store. It will have to be kept in Special Sate Issued Nude Dancer Plain Brown Bags. These Special bags are made to State specifications to fit over a Dancers Head if need be. On special occasions the patron can use Two Special Issue Brown Paper Bags. This is if the Dancerís Face could stop a Mack Truck on the Turnpike and if she if she has the IQ of a Blonde. EXAMPLE: Dom G. would classify Summer as a Two Bagger.

Section 4.A: Violations: If any Dancer violates any of the Rules and Regulations in the Nude Dancers Handbook they will be forced to Call into a radio Talk Show, tell the Host about all of their problems in their Life, explain where they went wrong, tell the Host their measurements (OK, I added that one), wear an "I Support STREET Walking" T-Shirt (thatís a new plan in the city to Patrol the Neighborhood at Night. Street Corners are a nice place to make new friends and meet visitors from outside the City. Welcome the visitors with open arms and show them the finer points of the City. Show them how much fun you can have with a Hot Pretzel. A City License in the amount of $250.00, payable in CASH, will be needed for all Street Walkers.)and the violator will pledge to work on a City Tow Truck, on weekends, taking abandoned vehicles off the roads in the city. This will be called operation "TAILHOOK". Violators will have to keep a log book of their Mileage and their Oil Changes. 

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