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First posted on October 16th 1998 - Don't take life so seriously, we don't

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A reader reacts to the parody of this site show below
Dear Surf,
     How exciting that you've had a mental breakdown. You're even more demented now! That's just great. The sicker you are, the more we love you. Skip that medication, it may help you and that would be a bore!
     You already know what my favorite Gossip story was.....the schlong pump! Yes, let's applaud all those limp schlongs that need to be "ballparked"!
     Stay demented.

Surf's Talk Radio Gossip!

In response to popular demand we turn this column into what the people want... GOSSIP... that's right... All the dirtyl little secrets exposed.

This week we cover

  • Did Dom G really threaten Hillery and Begley?  Hear the tape, you decide!

  • Does Smerconish really have a temper?

  • What horrible accident struck Dr. Corea during last weeks show?... The coverup!

  • Listen to Rollye's response to Bigby & CBS!

  • Kent Voss and Monica?  The torrid affair!

  • Roberta in love with???  Spurned woman moves out of town.  Target of affair denies sex!

  • Susan Bray Exposed!  See the pictures she sued to stop from being published!


And now... The rest of the story,


What really happened in WWDB's PD's office when Dom G. ...

Well !!! Surf's spies reveal here for the first time the shocking secret that Jeff Hillery has, hidden within his desk, a highly sensitive audio tape machine!  When confronted as to the purpose of such a machine Mr. Hillery replied, "It's only used as sort of an audio diary, I might publish some of this stuff someday."  hmmmm... that would explain...

 Surf's Philly Talk Radio Online has obtained an excerpt of the meeting, Listen for yourself to Dom make his compelling argument.  Listen

Susan Bray files lawsuit to stop Internet publication of nude photos!

It is a little known fact that while a radio host in Australia Susan Bray was a member of a nudist colony!  Surf's spies have obtained these long lost photos for publication.  A recently filed lawsuit is not stopping us!

Tom Marr, contacted in Baltimore, had this to say about the authenticity of the pictures, "They can't be her, The breasts are just too small."  Tom refused to comment on just how he would know that fact firsthand stating only, "A gentleman never talks." hmmmm we are left to wonder ...... 

Judge for yourself Real or Fake?

Never before seen pictures with

(must be over 18 to see!!)

Click here to see the pictures!!!

(Note: Must be over 18, if you are not or some sort of pervert the page will trap you but let you out after a brief grilling)

Slapping fight between Smerconish and ???

One has to wonder just how serious a temper problem Michael Smerconish  has.  Confirmed rumors put Mike in a production meeting where a Metro employee made a comment about Mike's frequent breaks for court duty.  Tempers flared, voices were raised to the point where Smerconish and a woman, identified only with the intials "LT", then started trading Bitchslaps.  No injuries were reported, far from it.  "She started it but they both seemed to be really enjoying it, you know like getting turned on.  If "LT" hadn't gotten tired I don't what could have happened."    .....developing.

Unrequited love forces Roberta to leave town!

Roberta Gale, evening talk host at NJ101.5, has left town for Arizona.  The real reason for her departure lies in her spurned advances toward fellow talker Jay Sorenson.  "With all those late night hours it's not surprising something happened.", said one staffer.  Jay denies any illicit activity stating, off the record, "An affair with Roberta is out of the question.  Hilarie Barsky is another matter entirely, she's one hot babe.  Just don't tell anybody I said that."  Don't worry Jay, your secret is safe with us.

Dr. Corea narrowly avoids permanent injury in freak accident!

Top Level inside sources at WWDB reveal that  last week at the end of his 8 to 10 PM show Dr. Corea was injured when a Beta model of the Binford 427GL Penis Pump suddenly malfunctioned.  Apparently Dr. Jim was personally demonstrating this new and improved model of the proven and reliable 425G Pump when a flicker of the lights indicated a problem with the power supply.

We go to PECO spokesperson. Wendy Watt.

Wendy Watt:  "An abrupt power surge occurred at approximately 9:52 PM through no fault of PECO.   Tree limbs, already weakened by recent storms, broke and fell on some equipment causing the surge.  Power to the affected areas was briefly interrupted but quickly restored.

An unidentified female staffer picks up the story from there.

Unidentified staffer:  It was just horrible!  Corea had this new pump strapped to his penis showing all of us how the new "L" model, as in "L" for LONG, still wasn't quite large enough for his ample manhood when the lights flickered brightly then died... At the same instant the compressor on the Binford 427GL roared with increased suction and KaBaaaam! Penis Pump Parts everywhere!

Chief Engineer Chris Sarris picks up the story there,

Chris Sarris:  I don't know if I can describe the destruction... Parts everywhere... the titanuim camshaft of the 427GL was propelled straight through Kent's recently returned Instant Replay machine then pierced the "Soapy Com" and lodged in the console right in front of where Pat Farnack sits.  Oh the destruction... Oh the humanity... transitors, fuses, wiring... what will I do?

Pat refuses to work in that chair now.

More on Dr. Corea's "accident"


Rollye James meets with CBS and WPHT!

Former WWDB talk host Rollye James has been negotiating a deal that would allow her to stay in Philly on WPHT.  Speculation has run rampant.  Negotiations turned ugly!  CBS apparently made an insultingly low offer.  Rollye James, known for her blunt negotiating style, had this comment directed at WPTH.  Listen

Kent Voss and Monica Lewinsky?

Yes!!!  Now we know why Kent Voss went easy last year when covering the impeachment.  This old picture explains everything!!!!!





This is NOT good.




You're gonna hate me for this.






That's all for this week.
Surf will return when the medication finally takes effect.



This week has been long... and hard.

You know what they say, A good man is hard to find
but a hard man is a good find.


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