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Monday February 11, 2002

Not every advertiser on radio is doing well, with ad rates going up to make up for lost revenue several are frothing at the mouth.  Here is a snippet of a typical email.
How far can they squeeze the advertisers? Lets put the facts on the table. Lets help the advertisers. Each and every year the stations raise their advertising rates with no consideration to the reality of the economy. Who needs who? They need the advertisers. Last year a major newspaper wrote me a letter advising me of an across the board rate hike due to the increase in the cost of labor, the cost of paper, and the cost of distribution. Rather then pay the 10% to 15% hike I told them I wouldn't be renewing my contract. I know for a fact that this company laid off many of their employees and the price of fuel had dropped. Where can the average business find the extra 10% to 15% to keep paying rate increases? I guess my $$$$$$ plus per month didn't mean that much to them. So who's fooling who. I found other ways to promote my business and believe me, I can measure a greater return for every dollar spent.


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