Commentary on his show in Philly by Glenn Beck

Responding to comments about his show in Philly, Glenn Beck posted the following on the Message Board

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Who said my first book in Tampa went from 18th to 19th? -- Glenn Beck, 17:28:40 05/10/02 Fri
Yes my first book in Philadelphia was bad. I don't think we can 'spin' those numbers. However, this is always the case. Someone on these boards pointed out that in Tampa my first book I went from 18th to 19th place. THIS IS NOT TRUE!!

I never said that I rocketed to 19th. My first book we went from 18th to 21st. We were the lowest rated show in town ... NOT JUST TALK but the bottom of the barrel. Wow, my life sucked. :) The Philadelphia talk boards are KIND compared to what was written in Florida. However, in just under under a year the show was number one.

Will this happen in Philly by Jan. 2003? Extremely doubtful. Many things fell into place quickly for the show in Tampa. However we are seeing great growth in many large markets and stations already. We, however, expect to be in a building process for 2 to 3 years. We also understand that Philadelphia is unlike any other city and we knew going in that it would be a blood bath. No matter what you may think, there wasn't anyone on my staff that was shocked. Disappointed? Sure, who wouldn't be, but it was not out of the realm of what we expected.

I do hope that the people of Philadelphia will give me that opportunity to become more than a sydicated show but just judging by the 'wall' they may not. However, I don't believe I changed one persons mind in Tampa. Those who wrote on the boards in the beginning are still the ones writing on the boards in Tampa about how much they hate me. We found new listeners and they found us.

I would be very disappointed if we never bonded with the Philadelphia listener. Especially since out of all the cities in America we chose Philadelphia to build our studios in. When you have a national show that asks to move to Philadelphia over NYC and LA because Philly is a great city, you'd think the people of Philadelphia would find that cool. Rush, Laura, Bell etc, some say never did well in Philly. Well Rush, Laura, Bell and all the others didn't ask to make Philly their home. We did. Maybe that makes us more than just another syndicated show ... maybe it doesn't.

All of that aside, no matter where we live and broadcast from, we need to do a good and entertaining show everyday. This we try to do. For those that don't enjoy the show, I really do hope that you can find a show that fills what you are looking for. For those few that do listen now and enjoy it. I thank you. Either way, like or hate the show, I am glad that we will be neighbors.


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