Et tu Brute?
Message Board abuse by disgruntled station employees

First let me explain this rant.  All through summer and early fall of 1999 the message board was rife with anti-WWDB postings.  At the same time some noted the origin of the posts as well as the time.  It became sadly clear where the posts came from.  What follows is my unedited response to criticism directed at this website.

I never revealed the details of the person posting ... this was not an isolated incident either.  Almost all the time the anonymous abuse on the message board is perpetrated by people in radio and usually from the very station that is the target of said posts.

The misperception is that it is the listeners who are so bitter, that is way off the mark.  The people that try to post responsibly take exception to that myth.

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Page created, November 1999

(Original explanation)
There is a misperception among a few misinformed that this website has something against WWDB.  On its face that is laughable.  Look around this site and tell me where are my hateful commentaries?  Why would I spend so much time helping people at WWDB (and the rest of the stations)?  Why would I help Susan's listeners build a site from scratch if I hated her?  What about all the help provided to Dom's listeners?  All of Irv's pet causes?  And the rest as well.  Can they point to ANY mail, faxes or calls from me tearing them down?  Funk no.  Fact is no matter what the current management of lineup I love the format.  Fact is no matter what boneheaded thing they do I make a point of NOT airing my gripes nor do I reveal all the inside info that I know.  If I truly hated the station I could make for some great reading on this site.... for about a week... after that every contact and source would realize I'm an asshole, in this for myself, and cut me off.  This site has never been about me.   Read the mission statement.

You want to see hateful?  Consider what would replace me.

In case some at WWDB hasn't stopped long enough to ponder why I posted my tirade below here is a clue...

This site does NOT routinely trash your station.  Who does?  It's ONE OF YOUR OWN.  Over the last several months a person or persons had made it a habit of airing your dirty laundry on my message board.  This person(s) works FOR WWDB and is posting FROM WWDB.  Get a clue for crying out loud.

This was my way of saying it's not ME nor my regulars or the rest of your listeners trashing your station.  It's one of your own.  WE love that station.  Sort of like a battered wife sometimes, we keep coming back but we love it.

Et tu Brute?

(Original Tirade)
Remember way back during the news coverage of the shooting at Columbine High School?  One obscure side story was how some joker used Deja-News to spread a rumor that the shooters were gay.  I, among others picked up on this during a search after the news broke.  While some national shows spread the rumor as fact I was skeptical.   I'll spare you the technical details (they are saved here) but it was a very elaborate hoax.  If I could uncover that, and I'm sure I wasn't the only one who did, then figuring out the identity of a couple of disgruntled staffers at WWDB is child's play.

What prompted this missive were several posts to my message board attempting to stir up trouble.  These posts originated from inside WWDB.  How do I know that?  That's for US to know.  Whenever something odd goes on with the board (I am not the only one that runs it) I get notified of any problems.  I credit some very bright friends with both tipping me off to the problem AND for calming me down enough so as to not ruin somebody just before Christmas.

Ruin?... Why use the term Ruin? ... Well, I'm not so sure using a company network during work hours to lie, trash, harass and abuse co-workers is acceptable company policy.  Beyond ruin is the possibility of humiliation and bodily harm.  Others (at WWDB) are BEGGING me to hang this person(s) out to dry.

This made me sick to my stomach.  Once I put 2 & 2 together I came up with the possible name of one of them.   I got that feeling because I expected more than that.  Forget the mind boggling reality of the situation.  I felt betrayed.  I wanted to get even.  One of my saner friends, Mark, sympathized with that but prompted deeper though, mixed with comedic relief, with the line, "Where is Solomon when you need him?  Dead, That's where!"

So with that in mind, and my usual bountiful holiday spirit I think a warning may suffice.  I must balance the desire for revenge with the need to take the high road and move on.


See you next year.

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