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1998 Philly Talk Radio Awards

A collection talk radio listener's suggestions

Original layout by Alex Charyna

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Best Unwitting Impersonation of Each Other

Roberta Gale, and Debra Luray.
NJ 101.5 FM, 1210AM


Best Kidnapping of another host

Jay Sorenson
NJ 101.5 FM

For abducting Hilarie to keep her off the air with him.

(Rumor has it she is in his basement while his kid is away at college. Be Big Jay, give her up)


Best continuing rendition of the song "FeeeeLinnnngs"

Valerie Knight
96.5 FM

Also winner for Best Polka comeback effort for her parody of Ivan Itkin.

(you had to hear it to believe it, Damn Funny)


Best use of the phrase "B_ _ _ J_ _ " on a Sunday morning.

Susan Bray
96.5 FM

Received (and enjoyed) a spanking from ultra leftist Sid Mark.


Best Use of Processed Meat Product for Personal Gain

Kent Voss
96.5 FM


Best Use of Senility That Actually Makes Sense

Irv Homer
860 AM


Lifetime Achievement Award for Most Family Members on the Radio

Kent Voss's Producer....Soapy!
96.5 FM


The "Best Use of Tin Can and String On the Air" award

WWDB Engineering Staff for "The Soapie-com"
96.5 FM


The "Most Consecutive Days on the Radio without a Break" award

Susan Bray
860 AM
and she sounded like it too.


The "My nude pictures are better than Dr. Laura's" award

Susan Bray
860 AM


Best Bumper Music

Rollye James
96.5 FM
(nobody even comes close)


Best nickname for Dr. Laura

"Dr. YentaBitch"

Thanks Sandie


"Team Player" award

Dom Giordano
96.5 FM


The "Who am I and What am I doing here?" award

John DeBella
1210 AM

You may remember that was the line from Ross Perot's running mate during a debate many moons ago when we actually cared about what Perot said.


The "Giggling Liberal" award

Chuck Darrow
1210 AM and 96.5 FM

Impossible to get mad at this guy.


The "Most Beat Up Producer / Whipping Boy" award

John "John Boy" Stolnis for the Susan Bray show.
96.5 FM


Producer Babe with the "Best Hair" award

Yvonne... again.
96.5 FM


News voice most able to cause remote orgasm in women

Ralph Fox
96.5 FM


Toughest name to spell

Smerconnisssh... er Smocernash.... er Smerconish... yea that's it.
1210 AM



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