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On November 6, 2000 Philadelphia's heritage talk station, WWDB, stopped broadcasting talk at 9am.  The staff was called to a meeting and told the format was changing, they were all fired.  Throughout the day all that the listeners heard was a computerized voice count down until at 5pm the the format was changed to 80's rock.  The studio dedicated to playing Sinatra music was used to play the new format.  The other two studios, one brand new, were left empty.  Facilities and production were slated to move to its sister station WXTU.


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WWDB Home Page     A1.gif (77960 bytes)1997


Program schedule for June 1997

5:30 am Phil Valentine 
9:00 am Irv Homer Show 
12:00 noon Rush Limbaugh Show 
3:00 pm Dr. Laura Show 
5:00 pm Tom Marr & Susan Bray Show 
8:00 pm Dr. Jim Corea Show on Health & Fitness 
10:00 pm Debra Luray Show 
1:00 am Dom Giordano Show 

5:30 am Phil Valentine 
9:00 am Irv Homer Show 
12:00 noon Rush Limbaugh Show 
3:00 pm Dr. Laura Show 
5:30 pm Friday with Frank featuring Sid Mark 
10 pm Debra Luray Show 
1:00 am Austin Culmer Show 

5:30 am Dom Giordano Show 
8:00 am Russ Miller On Housing & Real Estate 
12:00 noon Dining Around with Frank & Mary Jelineck 
2:00 pm Financial Forum with Steve Cordasco 
5:00 pm Frank Ford Show 
8:00 pm Frank Rizzo 
11:00 pm Dr. Yvonne Kaye 
3:00 am David Coleman Show 

6:00 am Sunday Morning Show 
9:00 am Sunday With Sinatra featuring Sid Mark 
3:00 pm Dr. Dean Edell 
5:00 pm The Doctor Is In with Dr. Jim Corea 
6:00 pm Dr. Jim Corea on Health & Fitness 
8:00 pm Steve Friedman - Mr.Movie Show 
12:00 midnight Dom Giordano Show 



Kent Voss Kent Voss Susan Bray Susan Bray
WWDB's Pat Farnack Mon  - Fri; 5:00 - 9:00a Pat Farnack Gil Gross
WWDB's Earle Bailey Mon  - Fri; 5:00 - 9:00am Earle Bailey Valerie Knight Valerie Knight - News. Picture
Joel Gibbs Joel Gibbs John Brown John Brown - Traffic & Weather, mornings
John McNulty John McNulty

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frank_ford.jpg (41095 bytes)
Frank Ford
voss2.jpg (26005 bytes)
Kent Voss2  - Kent Voss1
russ_miller.jpg (32566 bytes)
Russ Miller
dominic_quinn.jpg (34076 bytes)
Dominic Quinn - 1994
xmas1.jpg (63662 bytes)
Old DB Christmas shot

kaye.jpg (39905 bytes)
Yvonne Kaye
larry7.jpg (16862 bytes)
Larry Gifford
Paul Perello 1985 (63477 bytes)
Paul Perello - News - WWDB 1985
jay_hilarie.jpg (25403 bytes)
Jay and Hilarie
rizzo_gross.jpg (28822 bytes)
Frank Rizzo and Harry Gross
Here is an ad placed in the Inky by WWDB from May 1975 (140K)
Print ad for WWDB in 1975  (142027 bytes)
Mike Rossi at the SuperBowl 

mike_rossi.jpg (52281 bytes)

Rod Carson

Frank and Sid Mark

Michael Smerconish 1994

Steve Friedman
"Mister Movie"
brown3.jpg (23063 bytes)
John Brown
perrello1.jpg (25787 bytes)
Paul Perrello
bherman.jpg (22829 bytes)
Bernie Herman
culmer.jpg (24509 bytes)
Austin Culmer
coleman.jpg (22887 bytes)
David Coleman
gil_gross2.jpg (35593 bytes)
Gil Gross

Station Address

166 E. Levering Mill Rd.
Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004
 Bala Cynwyd, PA
17,000 watts -- Tower height 954 ft.

Note:  Operations will be moved from this building to WXTU, also owned by Bealsey.

Station Owners

Beasley Broadcast Group, Inc.
3033 Riviera Drive, Suite 200
Naples, Florida 34103
Telephone: 941-263-5000
Fax: 941-263-8191

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