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On November 6, 2000 Philadelphia's heritage talk station, WWDB, stopped broadcasting talk at 9am.  The staff was called to a meeting and told the format was changing, they were all fired.  Throughout the day all that the listeners heard was a computerized voice count down until at 5pm the the format was changed to 80's rock.  The studio dedicated to playing Sinatra music was used to play the new format.  The other two studios, one brand new, were left empty.  Facilities and production were slated to move to its sister station WXTU.


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Lineup, fall 2000 - June 1997
Station Address
Station Owner
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Paul W. Smith Archive
Phil Valentine Archive

WWDB Home Page     A1.gif (77960 bytes)1997

Lineup (fall 2000)

The Morning News Team with Earl Bailey and Pat Farnack - 5 to 9 am.

Gil Gross - Weekdays from 9 to noon.

Irv Homer - Weekdays from noon  to 3 pm. email

Jay and Hilarie - Weekdays from 3 to 5 pm. email

Kent Voss - Mon. - Thurs.. 5-7 pm.

Jim Corea - Evenings 7-9 Archive

Susan Bray - Weekdays from 9pm to 1am.  Susan's Website & email link.

Steve Martorano - 1 am to 5 am.

John McNulty - Food and Wine Saturday evenings 6 to 8 pm

Joel Gibbs - MovieMania Saturday, 10 pm to midnight

Sid Mark - Frank Sinatra show - Friday 5 to 10 and Sundays from 9 to 3. Archive Page

Franny Rizzo - Sunday nights at9

Jason Meyer -  fill in host

John Stolnis - Producer - fill in host

Russ Miller - Russ Miller's Website - Real Estate, Saturdays.

Austin Culmer

David Coleman

Frank and Mary Jelineck - Dinning Around - Saturdays at noon.

The Car Show - Saturdays from 2 to 4 pm - Frank and Mike Daulario

Program schedule for June 1997

5:30 am Phil Valentine 
9:00 am Irv Homer Show 
12:00 noon Rush Limbaugh Show 
3:00 pm Dr. Laura Show 
5:00 pm Tom Marr & Susan Bray Show 
8:00 pm Dr. Jim Corea Show on Health & Fitness 
10:00 pm Debra Luray Show 
1:00 am Dom Giordano Show 

5:30 am Phil Valentine 
9:00 am Irv Homer Show 
12:00 noon Rush Limbaugh Show 
3:00 pm Dr. Laura Show 
5:30 pm Friday with Frank featuring Sid Mark 
10 pm Debra Luray Show 
1:00 am Austin Culmer Show 

5:30 am Dom Giordano Show 
8:00 am Russ Miller On Housing & Real Estate 
12:00 noon Dining Around with Frank & Mary Jelineck 
2:00 pm Financial Forum with Steve Cordasco 
5:00 pm Frank Ford Show 
8:00 pm Frank Rizzo 
11:00 pm Dr. Yvonne Kaye 
3:00 am David Coleman Show 

6:00 am Sunday Morning Show 
9:00 am Sunday With Sinatra featuring Sid Mark 
3:00 pm Dr. Dean Edell 
5:00 pm The Doctor Is In with Dr. Jim Corea 
6:00 pm Dr. Jim Corea on Health & Fitness 
8:00 pm Steve Friedman - Mr.Movie Show 
12:00 midnight Dom Giordano Show 


Past Favorites, fill in hosts, etc.

Noted fill in hosts (in order of appearance) - Chuck Darrow, Bill Thomas, LaDonna Monet, John Ziegler, Dick Pomerantz, Mark Williams, Mike Seigal, Gil Gross....

Past Favs - Smokey Gifford // Rollye James // Dom Giordano // Bernie McCain

Way Way Back - Dominic Quinn // Wynn Moore // Stan Major // Richard Hayes // Bernie Herman // Ken James // Rod Luck // former PD, Jack Ellery


Thumbnail Pictures

Kent Voss Kent Voss Susan Bray Susan Bray
WWDB's Pat Farnack Mon  - Fri; 5:00 - 9:00a Pat Farnack Gil Gross
WWDB's Earle Bailey Mon  - Fri; 5:00 - 9:00am Earle Bailey Valerie Knight Valerie Knight - News. Picture
Joel Gibbs Joel Gibbs John Brown John Brown - Traffic & Weather, mornings
John McNulty John McNulty

Click the pictures below to enlarge

frank_ford.jpg (41095 bytes)
Frank Ford
voss2.jpg (26005 bytes)
Kent Voss2  - Kent Voss1
russ_miller.jpg (32566 bytes)
Russ Miller
dominic_quinn.jpg (34076 bytes)
Dominic Quinn - 1994
xmas1.jpg (63662 bytes)
Old DB Christmas shot

kaye.jpg (39905 bytes)
Yvonne Kaye
larry7.jpg (16862 bytes)
Larry Gifford
Paul Perello 1985 (63477 bytes)
Paul Perello - News - WWDB 1985
jay_hilarie.jpg (25403 bytes)
Jay and Hilarie
rizzo_gross.jpg (28822 bytes)
Frank Rizzo and Harry Gross
Here is an ad placed in the Inky by WWDB from May 1975 (140K)
Print ad for WWDB in 1975  (142027 bytes)
Mike Rossi at the SuperBowl 

mike_rossi.jpg (52281 bytes)

Rod Carson

Frank and Sid Mark

Michael Smerconish 1994

Steve Friedman
"Mister Movie"
brown3.jpg (23063 bytes)
John Brown
perrello1.jpg (25787 bytes)
Paul Perrello
bherman.jpg (22829 bytes)
Bernie Herman
culmer.jpg (24509 bytes)
Austin Culmer
coleman.jpg (22887 bytes)
David Coleman
gil_gross2.jpg (35593 bytes)
Gil Gross

Station Address

166 E. Levering Mill Rd.
Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004
 Bala Cynwyd, PA
17,000 watts -- Tower height 954 ft.

Note:  Operations will be moved from this building to WXTU, also owned by Bealsey.

Station Owners

Beasley Broadcast Group, Inc.
3033 Riviera Drive, Suite 200
Naples, Florida 34103
Telephone: 941-263-5000
Fax: 941-263-8191

Press Links - Press release.

Philadelphia Daily News story 11/7/2000

Philadelphia Inquirer story 11/7/2000

Clark DeLeon weighs in on WWDB in his Digital City column

letters to the editor

column by former sales executive Jeff Hurvitz

Daily News Stu confirms the "behind the scenes" story you read here first on November 8th

In Stu's column today he comments on the new "Point" air commercials and the similarity to B101's spots.

From Stu's column today - Excerpt - Tongues were set wagging when WWDB discard Irv Homer was spotted coming out of the City Line building that is home to WPHT talk radio, carrying a manila envelope under his arm. Turns out he was there not for a job interview (he's under a no-compete clause until May, check with me then) but to cut commercials for Cherry Hill Wellness Center, which he is allowed to do. On another front, look for Evil Irv's exposure to increase on Marc Howard's Sunday-morning "Inside Story" snip-and-snarl TV show. .


If you missed the format flip here is the streaming audio.

More audio clips are listed on the audio archive page.

WWDB format flip FAQ's 

To whom to I write to complain about WWDB?

Send a snail mail directly to the station.  Make one copy to Bruce or Brian Beasley and the other marked "For the Public File."  Public File letters must be made available to, just that, the public upon demand.

166 E. Levering Mill Rd. Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004  Bala Cynwyd, PA 

How can I contact Sid Mark?

Sid's contact information is here.  His show is syndicated on other stations.  He works out of a studio called Masters and Johnson in Narberth.  The name of his production company which oversees the syndicated show is Orange Productions and my guess is that he will continue to do the show from the same studio.  His personal studio at WWDB is now (as of fall 2000) used to air "the Point" format.

How can I contact (insert favorite host here) by email.

Susan Bray's site

Kent Voss's site

Jay and Hilarie's site

Jason Meyer email

Irv Homer email (the jury is out whether he reads it)

The rest should get any regular mail forwarded to them c/o WWDB

Are you connected to WWDB?

Nope, Don't email me any direct complaints.  I didn't do this.  If you DO feel the need to email me use some good letter structure so I can read it easier.  Your first name is a help as well.


Other Notes:

On November 3rd the Beasley's registered (482 NE 31st Street BOCA RATON, FL 33431) - This was three days before they flipped formats.  Remember up until November 6th they led the entire staff to believe that they were going to continue with the talk format.  As we reported here first on this website (11/8) that turned out to be a ruse.

January 1999 - The first fan based "VossWorld" website was created by Alex Charnya.  After his  host company goes out of business it is replaced by

Year 2000 AIR awards winners (there is an odd relationship between AIR award winners at WWDB and then the winners leaving.  In a previous year Phil Valentine won3 and was let go 2 months later.)
Best Traffic Reporter - John Brown, Metro Networks
Best Talk Show Host - WPHT Michael Smerconish
Best Morning Team - WMMR Barsky in the Morning and team
Best Spot News - WWDB Tom MacDonald & Brad Segall, Pier Collapse
Best Sports Reporting - WWDB, Mike Rossi
Best Public Service Announcement - WWDB Zach Giltrap

WWDB won 3 AP awards in the spring of 2001, months after they ceased operations.

Brief History

The call letters stood for William and Dolly Banks (calls were changed around 1968).  The siblings William and Dolly bought was was then WHAT-AM from the Public Ledger.  Included was 96.5 FM which was used to simulcast the AM side until 1955-56.  They hired Sid Mark to host an overnight jazz music show on the FM.  In 1958 WHAT 96.5-FM became all jazz until early 1975.  On March 17th 1975 WWDB 96.5-FM flipped to all talk.  After her brother died in 1979 Dolly took over as full owner and GM.  Several lawsuits were filed against WWDB in 1985 concerning age and racial discrimination.  Dolly retired in May 1985.  The station was then sold to Ragan Henry (a Philly lawyer) for $6,000,000.  At that time he was the only minority station owner in town.  Soon after he sold it to Charles Schwartz who turned it over to his private company, Pinache Broadcasting, in 1986.  You might remember the station was carrying a heavy spot load for Pinache Travel through the late '80s.  In 96 Mercury Broadcasting bought it for [[ here the story is incomplete, I have to look the rest up in my files]] 48 mil and then Beasley bought it for nearly 65 mill in the late 97.


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