Pictures from September 12, 2001

The aftermath of the attack on the World Trade Center

Submitted by Paul M. Antola to this site
after calling the Jeff Katz Show on WPHT 1210 AM

WTC10.jpg (65225 bytes) WTC11.jpg (65016 bytes) WTC12.jpg (47030 bytes) WTC9.jpg (46767 bytes)

The pictures that I've provided are first hand examples of the atrocity which was committed on September 11th. In an age when we as Americans feel a sense of entitlement, when we are saturated with Pop culture and "Water under the bridge mentality" I hope that these pictures will remind us of the grim reality of the event. The greatest insult to these victims would be to forget. - Paul Antola

WTC3.jpg (73393 bytes) click each picture to enlarge, average file size is 65K to 95K WTC6.jpg (68774 bytes)
WTC7.jpg (92845 bytes) WTC5.jpg (71882 bytes) WTC8.jpg (86356 bytes)


Posted on 3/12/02

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