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Rollye James

Archived pictures and relevant links for Rollye James.

Rollye James, local flavor with a nationally recognized name.  Rollye came to Philadelphia first on WWDB then later moved to WPHT 1210 AM where she broadcasts weeknights from 10 p.m. to 1 a.m.. 

rollye_studio2.JPG (87788 bytes) rollye_studio3.JPG (87495 bytes) rollye_leykis.jpg (56747 bytes)
Rollye's Studio Rollye's Studio Rollye and Tom Leykis
rollye11.jpg (88492 bytes) rollye12.jpg (94711 bytes) rollye_shively2.jpg (76061 bytes)
Dave Skalish, Rollye, Grace Blazer Rollye and Smerconish Rollye and Val Shively
Surf and Rollye James rollye.jpg (57896 bytes)
Me and Rollye James at my mess of a desk pulling up her web site on the Net. Larger picture (57K) - more material on Rollye - Rollye's website

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