Phil Valentine

 Phil Valentine worked at the Philadelphia Talk Radio Station, WWDB 96.5 from the fall of 1996 through to the end of December 1997.  At the time of his departure he left the morning show at #3 12+ behind KYW and Stern and #11 in 25-54.  A popular host with strong conservative values and a soft southern twang.  Phil brought his humor to the show (see parody links below) and appeared at many station remote broadcasts, DB had at that time a converted mobile home emblazoned with the station logo and colors.

Phil is now broadcasting his very popular show out of  WLAC in Nashville, Tennessee. 

Hear the syndicated version from 6-8PM Central through his Memphis affiliate, NewsRadio 600WREC. Their web address is

The Phil Valentine Show
55 Music Square West
Nashville, Tennessee 37203
On-Air Numbers
Fax: 615-744-4743

Phil's Audio Parody Files  

Phil Dressed as Elvis at a remote being interviewed by Bill Henley of Channel 10 news.

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From WWDB's old website Winter 96/97

DATE OF BIRTH: another one who someone neglected to tell us

HOMETOWN: Nashville, North Carolina (no, not Tennessee... North Carolina)

EDUCATION: East Carolina University

CAREER NOTES: Phil, who came to WWDB from WTN-FM in Nashville, started his broadcast career working on a weekend TV news team. In between, as well as being a top-rated radio talk show host, his accomplishments include: being a writer & actor; recipient of an Addy Award for Creative Writing, Character Voice-Over And Production; having a supporting role in the motion picture "A Letter From Death Row" (starring Bret Michaels of the rock group "Poison") and appearing in numerous TV commercials including the WWDB "Beyond The Headlines" TV campaign.

 PERSONAL: Phil was raised in North Carolina. He went to East Carolina University with the intent of becoming a lawyer (like his father, grandfather and brother). Phil says that "once I got there, I discovered I didn't want to work that hard." His friend told him that he had a low voice and "should consider radio." The rest is history. Phil and his wife Susan (a direct descendent of William Penn) have two sons; Carr and Campbell.

LIKES: Family... Tennis... Talking... Anything Made With Chicken... Ian Fleming... Basketball (especially Carolina basketball)... Boats & The Beach... Talking... Writing... Watching "It's a Wonderful Life"... Collecting Political Campaign Buttons... Reagan/ Elvis/ Andy Griffith... Talking...

DISLIKES: Liver... probably a lot of other stuff you'll just have to tune in and find out...

FIRST RADIO JOB: Phil tells us he began his broadcasting career "behind the scenes" working on a local TV station's weekend news team. Shortly after he started this job, the owner of the station "had this hairbrained idea to sell the TV station and start this 24 hour news service. Everyone thought the owner had gone nuts." Oh, by the way, the "crazy" owner of that station just happened to be Ted Turner.


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