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Jeff Katz left WPHT in December of 2003 and currently works in San Francisco at KNEW.

Former Philly Talker Jeff Katz (on the left) at a Bus 19 Rally in San Francisco.
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Article from the Northeast Times - 

Tuesday, September24, 2002

Jeff Katz created the concept of the "JewPhone" or Jew Phone, Jew-Phone, whatever ...  The point is that with so many nutty conspiracy theories about the Jews controlling everything he though the idea of a special phone for Jews to check in with the latest Israeli policy was a neat bit.  Here I post my own version of the Jew Phone retail box cover.  The concept of the Jew Phone belongs to Jeff Katz, the artwork is mine.

Tuesday, October 9th 2001 (first reported here on Philly Talk Radio Online)

WPHT 1210 AM hires Jeff Katz for the 3 to 5 pm slot.  Katz, a former Philadelphian, has been working mornings at KXNT AM for the past two years.  Katz has been filling in for Dom Giordano since just after the attack on September 11th.  Dom has been on the air during Dr. Laura's timeslot, 9 to noon.  He will continue there 'till further notice.  A decision has not been made on the ultimate future of Dr. Laura.  (In November 2001 the station expanded his time slot to 3-7 with the departure of Michael Smerconish.)


Pictures of the aftermath of the attack on the World Trade Center by a listener to the Jeff Katz Show.

Posted on 10/17/01 Press articles gleaned from the Internet by PTRO researcher "UsaGiJoe"

For those that asked, "Who is this Jeff Katz guy?"  Here is what our crack research guy dug up.  We tossed out any unsolicited negative or positive info sent in via email, it's a given that any radio host gathers fans of both extremes as he moves from market to market.  I thinned it all down to just a few articles that sum up what can be found.  These are links pointing to  established websites, not personal sites with an agenda.  The following is presented without agenda, we report, you decide. (what? FoxNews took that one already? damn)

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