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We invented online Philly Talk Radio coverage - who were are and why we do all this.
You could ask, "Why a website on Philly Talk Radio?" and  it would be a good question!

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Mission Statement

Philly Talk Radio Online was established to help foster the responsible exchange of ideas, opinions and information regarding local talk radio, our community and issues that affect the lives of people in the Delaware Valley Talk Radio Market. Emphasis is placed on local radio talent and charitable causes but does not exclude coverage of syndicated hosts.  Related websites & individuals that meet these guidelines and are interested in cooperating and complimenting the information contained here are welcome.  It is our belief that all of us, both the hosts and the listeners, acting responsibly and with understanding can enjoy the format of talk radio the way it was meant to be ... entertaining, interactive, thought provoking and educational.

We created the concept of targeted online talk radio coverage for the Philadelphia market and were the first site of it's kind, going public in 1997.  The idea was to assist in developing more websites and resources themed to our topic.  This unique project was an immediate hit and grew at an amazing rate.

This independent website is a creative hobby and not sanctioned by any station, host or advertiser.  It caters to the wishes of the listeners, those that helped to build this site originally, and those that put forth the considerable effort to continue to keep it running.  It is the agreed upon intention of these listeners to involve as many as possible in the editorial decisions and to exclude those that have demonstrated, through their actions and words, to be unworthy of our trust and the trust of those we cover.  This is an unfortunate reality of our society.  Many in radio have been the target of harassment.  Those on both sides of the microphone can be confidant that this site will maintain the absolute highest standards of honesty, privacy and discretion.  We are very proud to have gained the respect and trust of listeners and broadcasters alike, they can be assured of continued faithful service.  Honesty and decency above all else are our guiding principles.

As with any website that contains opinions and covers a topics potentially as controversial as talk radio and politics it is acknowledged that many people will disagree with the focus of this site.  It is not our intent to alienate people but judging from the words of encouragement from the listeners, those in radio, the stations, and the advertisers that pay the bills, we have found this course to be the best one for this site.

Life is short, have fun and ...
Enjoy the site.

Striving to always be ... one step behind ... a day late and a dollar short and always ... behind the curve ... we are ... 
Philly Talk Radio ... and damn proud of it.

Site History

This site was started in 1997 by the PGB aka "Surf" and friends as a private collection of news and jokes among friends.  In January 1998 it went went public.  Shortly thereafter several sites built by this same group merged and became The Philadelphia / Delaware Valley Talk Radio Website and finally to Philly Talk Radio Online in the summer of 1998.  

Site size:
The original site was started on an AOHell account and quickly grew from it's 2 meg account limit to 10 (shared amongst various members accounts and on third party servers) ... then to 45 megs (once a larger dedicated host site was obtained) by December 1999.  As of February 2000 this site stood at approximately 57 megs including pictures and streaming audio.  In 1999 the contents of the Philly Talk Radio Club was moved to this domain.  In the summer of 2001 we again outgrew our server space and moved again.  Now we have 100 megs to play around with.  In the summer of 2003 it was again moved to's that now allows for a total of 1,000 megs.

Total site content on various linked accounts is just over 50 megs in the fall of 2001.
Current site size: 54.8 megs as of January 2002.  [65meg - July 2002]
Total current size as of the end of 2003 for all files is approximately 230 megs.

Revised site to include visually handicapped optimization in July 2002.

Also changed the obvious color scheme from white text on black that was in use from January 98 to a black on white theme.

Implemented the "Philly Talk" column in July 2002 to feature more of your submitted material, news and my 2 cents.  Adopted the theme of, Content not Candy.

Summer 2003 - Launched online as a separate site and moved forums there.  Slightly changed the focus of to more of an archive resource.

Site Contributors

We deliberately are vague on our identity here to avoid any conflict of interest or shameless self promotion.  (not that there's anything inherently wrong with self promotion of course)  Some of us own our own business and don't want to conflict with those who advertise on radio.  To contribute to this site you must be willing to forgo widespread recognition.  It also keeps the guys in the white coats from finding us.

Gary aka "Surf" - Webmaster / Editor in Chief - 
Mark - "Resident html & technical guru", Politics and Opinion forum moderator, original member
Anna - Original member
Dr. Dan - "The advertiser's friend", information
C - "Windows deity in training", technical help.  His motto, "Content not Candy"
Sandie - Design consultant 1999
Sylvia - Forum moderator and consultant
Rich (Mandalore Warrior) - "South Jersey correspondent" 98, 99 - now in Jersey Air Guard
Amanda - Chief Liberal Babe
"USA GI JOE" - Research expert, original regular contributor
Various Anonymous - info, humor etc
Deep Mic - Network mole, inside perspetive
Spoofer Nick - helped with parody humor in 1998, content contributor
Dee - Sooo Blonde, need we say more?, Slango Page
Jim - relevant updates, humor, inside perspective
Sam - topical news contributor, original member
Tammy - Technical

Scott "~" - Content
Steve - Content, Parody, Commentary

Philly Talk Radio Online - The Philadelphia / Delaware Valley Talk Radio Website.
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